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All Natural Head Lice Removal

Lice Prevention and Lice Treatment Products 

At Magic Nit Pick, we carry a wide range of Organic and All-Natural lice treatment products to aid you in your fight against head lice. Please call or stop by for more information. Shipping rates will apply.

Magic Nit Pick Head Lice Removal Enzyme 28oz

This All Natural and Organic enzyme solution is to aid in nit removing and to help break down nit glue when used in conjunction with the Magic Nit Pick Lice Comb.


Magic Nit Pick Household Lice Removal Spray 28oz

This Organic blend of enzymes that are non-toxic, non-abrasive, and hypoallegenic is to aid in live lice removal from furniture, bedding, toys, bag packs, and other household items.


Magic Nit Pick Mint Repellent Spray 8oz

Naturally repelling essential oils of peppermint. Help fight and ward off head lice for up to 8 hours. Pleasant peppermint fragrance Safe for daily use. Does not leave hair oily or heavy.


Magic Nit Pick Mint Shampoo and Lice Repellent 8oz

Magic Nit Pick Mint Shampoo and Repellent is a first of its kind for a natural shampoo that is good for your hair and scalp, while also fighting lice. It's made with the highest quality of natural products and essential oils that head lice find offensive making it an excellent lice repellent. It's an all natural, sulfate free shampoo that is safe for daily use even on the most sensitive scalp.


Nit Free Conditioner and Lice Repellent 8oz

Nit Free Conditioner is a first of its kind, its good for your hair and scalp, while also fighting lice. Nit Free Conditioner is made from the highest quality of natural ingredients and essential oils (that lice find offensive) making this a sulfate free conditioner with detangling properties. Nit Free Conditioner can help defend your hair from head lice infestation when used daily with Nit Free Shampoo by washing out head lice before they have a chance to multiply and spread. Safe for daily use even for the most sensitive scalps to repel head lice, it is non-toxic and safe for the environment.


Magic Nit Pick Lice Comb

Stainless steel lice comb with micro-grooved teeth. Removes lice and nits safely. EASILY COMBS NITS OUT OF HAIR, WITHOUT HARM TO HAIR! Used in all types of hair. Safe and Effective. Comb can be used multiple times to treat the entire family. #1 Lice Comb used by Professional Lice Removal Services!


Wet Brush

Soft, flexible bristles detangle hair with ease. Works great on wet and dry hair. Perfect for everyone with thick, curly and straight hair.